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Tuna sashimi

We prepared tuna sashimi (まぐろ 刺身) with avocado (アボカド) wasabi (わさび) and soy sauce (醬油).

 Tuna sashimi Tuna sashimi Tuna sashimi

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Stuffed chicken fillets

We prepared stuffed chicken fillets Italian style.

We filled our chicken fillets with green pesto, dried tomatoes and cheese.

With this plate we brought a little bit of Italian sun. I can already feel the spring in the air.

I still cannot believe how tasty it is. Who is hungry? Please, grab a bite.

 Stuffed chicken fillets Stuffed chicken fillets Stuffed chicken fillets

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Ribs adobo style

We prepared pork ribs Adobo style.

Adobo is a Spanish recipe that is really perfect for all types of pork meat: chops, loins, ribs. It is a very unique combination of spices that powers up the flavor but doesn't hide the original taste of the meat itself.

We prepared our ribs with an intense adobo seasoning. We cooked them very well until they were really tender (soooo tender). They were so tasty and they practically dissolved in the mouth. Who wants to waste time in chewing?

Adobo is used to prepare all types of meats and fish. It can be used even to prepare some other foods like eggplants. It has a very distinctive flavor and is very popular in Spain and many countries in South and Central America.

Did you know that it is so popular that it has its own verb? "Adobar" is the verb to mean you are preparing in adobo.

 Ribs adobo style Ribs adobo style Ribs adobo style

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Winter garden

I love my windowsill garden. It is awesome to see how the plants grow.

Winter is not a very good season to have plants in the garden. But for every problem, there is a perfect solution!

I planted my small winter garden on the windowsill. It's not very big (yet) but I have my favorites radish sprouts, chives and basil.

I like adding the sprouts or chives to my scrambled eggs and sandwiches. It gives extra flavor!

 Winter garden Winter garden Winter garden

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Gyoza dumplings

We prepared Japanese dumplings Gyoza.

We found these delicious pre-prepared dumplings in the supermarket. First, we fried the dumplings on a flat side in the small pan till create a crispy skin. Then, we added a little bit of water and sealed with a lid. We wait until the upper part of the dumplings were steamed. 10 minutes and ready to eat!

The dumplings had a filling of chicken and vegetables. We enjoyed them with soy sauce.

Did you know that Gyoza share similarities with pierogi and spring rolls? Did you know that they are cooked in the same way as pierogi, either boiled or fried?

 Gyoza dumplings Gyoza dumplings Gyoza dumplings

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Happy Valentine's day 2021

Happy Valentine's day!! ❤️❤️❤️

Let's celebrate with the people we love and our friends!

Valentine's day is a day to celebrate love and friendship. Did you know that in many Eastern European countries, Valentine's marked the beginning of spring?

Maybe this is why people believe that spring is the season of love.

 Happy Valentine's day 2021

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Fish and chips

We prepared fish and chips, a classic British recipe.

Fish is one of my favorite foods. So, when we saw coalfish (pollock) in the store, I knew that our next lunch would be fish and chips.

We prepared our chips, wedge style. We cut the fish in stripes, dust in flour and fried. And the plate was ready to eat. We traveled to the heart of London.

Did you know that British fish and chips were originally served wrapped in old newspapers? You could have lunch while reading the news!

 Fish and chips Fish and chips Fish and chips Fish and chips Fish and chips

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Tłusty Czwartek 2021

We are celebrating Fat Thursday (polish - Tłusty Czwartek) and got a lot of food!! This is one of my favorite celebrations ever!!

For breakfast, we prepared some beautiful plates with an assortment of doughnuts (polish - pączki), faworki (pronounced: favorki) and churros!! We will be eating many more along the day!

It is the first time ever I see pączki with heart shape!!

I like to call it the Doughnut Day. I am now surrounded by many tasty treats! I will be brave and eat them all! One, two, tree, you will see my trick.

 Tłusty Czwartek 2021 Tłusty Czwartek 2021 Tłusty Czwartek 2021 Tłusty Czwartek 2021

These (4) are churros

 Tłusty Czwartek 2021

These (5) are faworki

 Tłusty Czwartek 2021

These (6) are pączki

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Scrambled eggs

We prepared scrambled eggs with bacon and, in the side, some sweet small tomatoes for breakfast.

Scrambled eggs is one of the most popular breakfasts around the world. There are thousands and thousands of different ways and different ingredients to prepare it. It is present in almost every country and every culture. Do you want to speak someone's language? Just prepare them scrambled eggs!

In Polish they are known as "jajecznica" - comes from "jajko" which is egg. In Spanish they are known as "huevos revueltos" - comes from "huevo" which is egg.

How are they called in your country?

 Scrambled eggs Scrambled eggs Scrambled eggs

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