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We prepared churros. One of the most traditional Spanish breakfasts!

Churros are a delicious fried dough. You can have them alone, dip in chocolate, dip in coffee (or milk coffee) or sprinkled with sugar.

Typically, there are two shapes of churros. One is thin, called simply Churros or Lazos, you can find them shaped just like long sticks or in laces. Other is thicker, called simply Churros or Porras, and normally they are shaped like long sticks or rounded circles.

Churros are really important in Spain. They even mark people's life stages.

When you are young, you will typically get churros early in the morning, when you come back home from a night out. You walk home with your friends and decide to make a quick stop before going to bed.

When you are no longer a nighty partier, you will typically get churros early in the morning too, but… in that occasions it is because you wake up early to visit some place, go to take a walk or do some morning activities.

 Churros Churros Churros Churros Churros

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Cream soup of beetroots

We prepared cream soup of beetroots.

The ingredients are easy to find: beetroots, apple, onion, garlic and lemon juice. And the result is very tasty!

Beetroots are really delicious and you can eat all parts of the plant!

Did you know that the beetroots were already cultivated in Roman era for their roots? But before, in Ancient Egypt and Greece, beetroots were cultivated for their green leaves.

 Cream soup of beetroots Cream soup of beetroots Cream soup of beetroots Cream soup of beetroots

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Pisto with pork loin

Pisto is a Spanish traditional dish. It is made of tomatoes, zucchini, onion, garlic and red pepper.

It is usually accompanied with fried egg or pork loin. But It is also perfect as Tapa, covered with small pieces of jamón serrano 😋

Pisto can be eaten warm or cold, it is equally tasty!

Did you know that Pisto is a very high educated dish?

It has an informal name for everyday life: Pisto, and a very formal name, for official meetings and reunions: Pisto Manchego.

 Pisto with pork loin Pisto with pork loin Pisto with pork loin

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We found many catkins in the trees (polish: Bazie). This is the true sign of spring!

Did you know the word Catkin actually comes from Kitten? It is because of their resemblance to cat's fur and tails.

 Catkins Catkins Catkins Catkins Catkins

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Pan con tomate y aceite

This is one of the most typical breakfasts in Spain. There are a few variations, you can have the bread with only the oil, only the tomato, or with just everything. Sometimes you can even add on top some good slices of jamón serrano (Spanish dry-cured ham). It is simply delicious!

The best energy to start the day!

The origin of this recipe is very humble. What can you do if you want a sandwich, but you have nothing to put in? Just rub it with some tomatoes and you will have a magnificent, flavored bread.

Nowadays it is one of the most common breakfasts in Spain, overall, in the regions of Cataluña (Catalonia) and Valencia. Don't tell anyone that you visited Barcelona and didn't try this delicacy!

 Pan con tomate y aceite Pan con tomate y aceite Pan con tomate y aceite

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Fried sardines

We prepared sardines in the oven.

Another plushie friendly plate 🤭 Why? Two main raisons: it's quick and it's fish!

It's not easy to find fresh sardines at any time I want. So, when I saw a big bag of frozen sardines I knew that I needed to have it in my freezer. The perfect stash to always have sardines ready to prepare.

Did you know that sardines take their name from very old times? They were very abundant in the coast of Sardinia (Italy), so here comes their name.

They never travel alone. They always live and travel in large fish schools. They are very wise fish with a high education!

 Fried sardines Fried sardines Fried sardines Fried sardines Fried sardines

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