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We prepared swordfish steak.

It is not very easy to find it where we live now but we had very good luck. We accompanied our steaks with sauce made of olive oil, garlic, parsley and sea salt.

Please take a bite! It is so so tasty!

Like always, it was #plushielicious

Did you know that the swordfish has special organs next to its eyes to heat its eyes and brain? This ability to heat the eyes improves greatly their vision.

 Swordfish Swordfish Swordfish Swordfish

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We prepared minced beef cutlets.

We accompanied it with boiled patatoes and fried beetroot stripes. Please grab a bite!

It's a very typical Sunday lunch in Poland. Very tasty

 Kotlety Kotlety Kotlety Kotlety

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This year the weather is not so great for this season of the year. So, I decided to find some signs of spring coming.

I met these beautiful butterflies!

 Motylki Motylki Motylki Motylki

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We prepared white sausages in the oven.

All you need are sausages and some spices. Very tasty and very quick!

We accompanied it with horseradish sauce. It's spicy so Minimisiu loves it. Try some!!

Like always, it was #plushielicious

Horseradish sauce is a common condiment in Poland. It's made of horseradish roots and vinegar.

Did you know that the horseradish leaves have similar flavour to the roots? However, the green part of horseradish is not commonly eaten.

 Kielbaskas Kielbaskas Kielbaskas

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We prepared churros. One of the most traditional Spanish breakfasts!

Churros are a delicious fried dough. You can have them alone, dip in chocolate, dip in coffee (or milk coffee) or sprinkled with sugar.

Typically, there are two shapes of churros. One is thin, called simply Churros or Lazos, you can find them shaped just like long sticks or in laces. Other is thicker, called simply Churros or Porras, and normally they are shaped like long sticks or rounded circles.

Churros are really important in Spain. They even mark people's life stages.

When you are young, you will typically get churros early in the morning, when you come back home from a night out. You walk home with your friends and decide to make a quick stop before going to bed.

When you are no longer a nighty partier, you will typically get churros early in the morning too, but… in that occasions it is because you wake up early to visit some place, go to take a walk or do some morning activities.

 Churros Churros Churros Churros Churros

#homemade #spanish


Cream soup of beetroots

We prepared cream soup of beetroots.

The ingredients are easy to find: beetroots, apple, onion, garlic and lemon juice. And the result is very tasty!

Beetroots are really delicious and you can eat all parts of the plant!

Did you know that the beetroots were already cultivated in Roman era for their roots? But before, in Ancient Egypt and Greece, beetroots were cultivated for their green leaves.

 Cream soup of beetroots Cream soup of beetroots Cream soup of beetroots Cream soup of beetroots

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