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In San Fernando (Cádiz) there is a shopping mall called Bahía Sur. It is near the sea and has very beautiful views. In front of it there are many colored flamingos!

I took a ride on one of the flamingos in front of the mall. It was awesome!!!


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Traveling across Europe

In February we crossed Europe by car. We started our travel in Lublin and arrived in Cadiz. It was a very long journey, but it was very fun, we sang many songs along the way. We crossed Poland, Germany, France and Spain. We traveled 3850 kilometers!

 Traveling across Europe Traveling across Europe

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Beach in San Fernando

San Fernando is a small city very close to Cádiz. It is in the seaside in the south of Spain. Winter there is relatively warm. It is very rare that the temperature goes under 10 degrees Celsius.

In January I went to the beach in San Fernando. It was not so cold but a bit windy. But the views were worth it. It was very nice!!

 Beach in San Fernando Beach in San Fernando

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Xmas - Snow!

In Poland it usually snows during the winter. It is beautiful to see all the white landscapes. You have to dress very warm clothes but it is amazing to take a walk around and play with the snow.

I spent Christmas holidays with my family in Lublin. It was a very nice and fun time. It was a bit cold, but very beautiful! Everything was so white!

 Xmas - Snow!

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Santa Claus

Santa comes every year for Christmas to bring presents to people all around the world! He normally comes the night of the 24th of December. But did you know that in Poland he comes twice, the 6th and the 24th?

He brought me so many candies! I am so happy! I will eat them all!

 Santa Claus



A bit before

I start this blog to share my adventures, trips, love for eating, and many other things. I will also post the pictures of the unforgettable moments. I hope you all like and enjoy reading my stories.



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