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In the mountains

El Torcal is a small village in the province of Málaga. It is surrounded by mountains and beautiful landscapes.

We went to the mountains. The views were incredible. I was in my natural environment. It felt like home! I always enjoy the nature!

 In the mountains In the mountains

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Easter egg

It was very colorful outside and inside, but the candies inside were not very tasty. I had a lot of fun playing with the eggshell!

 Easter egg Easter egg

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I want to be a pirate!

In Benalmádena there is a beautiful port called "Puerto Marina". There are many ships, yachts, boats; of all kinds. It rates amongst the best in the world, several times winner of the "Best Marina in the World" award.

One day we infiltrated in the port with caution. We were very careful and silent. I was hidden in the bushes and I saw a pirate ship... I decided that I want to be a pirate!!

 I want to be a pirate! I want to be a pirate!

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Small hills in our village

Benalmádena has diverse landscapes. You can enjoy the seaside, but also you can climb beautiful hills. The contrast of the views is amazing.

Sometimes we take a longer walk and we climb small hills. From the top you can see the houses and the sea. It is marvelous.

 Small hills in our village Small hills in our village

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Walk in Benalmádena

Benalmádena is a village located near Málaga. It is divided in Benalmádena Pueblo, which is up in the hills, and Benalmádena Costa which is on the seaside. There is also a district that is called "Arroyo de la Miel", on the seaside.

We go every day to take a short walk around Benalmádena Costa. We like to stay active. It is very easy having these views!

 Walk in Benalmádena Walk in Benalmádena

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Parque de la Paloma

There are several places to visit in Benalmádena Costa. One of them is the "Parque de la Paloma". It is a very big park with many tress and cactus. It is very particular because there are many free animals running around: rabbits, roasters, hens, turkeys, ducks...

We took a walk in the park and fed the animals. They like very much very much to eat bread! They looked so happy!

 Parque de la Paloma Parque de la Paloma

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Churros are fried-dough pastry. They are very popular in Spain and normally eaten for breakfast dipped in hot chocolate or coffee.

I moved to Benalmádena in Málaga with my family. The first thing we did when we finished the move was to go to eat some churros. They were delicious!!!


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