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We found a strange door in the supermarket. We entered and realized it was a time portal!

We had the opportunity to meet some cute dinosaurs!! They were really nice and told us many funny stories. Then, they invited us to go for a ride. It was super fun!!

 Dinosaurios Dinosaurios Dinosaurios Dinosaurios Dinosaurios Dinosaurios Dinosaurios Dinosaurios

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We prepared sausages with a new recipe, slow cooked in chicken bouillon.

All you need are sausages, some spices, onion and the chicken bouillon. Very tasty and very quick!

They were super soft and tender, and a bit crispy on the outside! We accompanied with fries

 Salchichas Salchichas Salchichas

#homemade #international



We were walking around and found many roses.

There were Dark Pink, Light Pink and White Roses. Which do you like the most? I cannot decide, they are all beautiful

 Roses Roses Roses Roses Roses

#nature #poland



We prepared mussels with garlic and parsley.

We really like mussels. The sauce is simply super tasty!! We love to dip bread in the sauce, just yummy.

 Mussels Mussels Mussels

#homemade #international



We prepared fried salmon with fries.

The salmon was very tender inside and super crispy outside. We marinated the salmon in a special sauce with lemon and garlic. Then, seasoned with black pepper and salt.

 Salmon Salmon Salmon

#homemade #international



I love honey. It is #plushielicious.

I want to help the bees to prepare honey. I found this mix of seeds prepared specially for them.

They will grow in beautiful bee-friendly plants.

I cannot wait.

 Bees Bees

#nature #poland



And here are the snacks!!!

Grab as many as you want!! We will prepare more!!

You have Alioli sauce, but we are brining Ketchup and Mustard in case you prefer. And there are chicken spicy nuggets and fish nuggets! If you cannot choose pick both. Take all fries you want!

 Snacks Snacks




If you ever wondered when my birthday is… It is on the 13th of May!

Today is my birthday!! Pay close attention to the cake, it will last just a few seconds! Be quick!! Look at the details in my candle, isn’t it super cute? Bears bears!!

I am thinking a wish when blowing the candles!! It is top secret!

I invited all the plushies at home to the party, but pictures are realty small to fit so many plushies, only a few could be on the pictures!

Later we will have snacks and more cake! I will prepare plates for everyone!! Please, take as many as you want!!

For my birthday I will give you 3 ‘Did you know’ about me!!

Did you know… that no one knows for sure my real age… it is a very well-kept secret… All I can say is that I am really really mature! (only sometimes!)

Did you know… that this day we celebrate the birthday of all the plushies at home. We are more than 50 now… and I agreed with my family that we could celebrate all in one day not to exhaust them… It doesn’t mean we don’t have more celebrations along the year…

Did you know… I love plants! I have many to take care of. But I am really really in love with my Purple Shamrock and my Cactus! I sing to them very often and I am always taking care of them.

 Urodziny Urodziny Urodziny Urodziny



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