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Letter to Santa 2020

I wrote and sent my letter to Santa Claus!!

Normally, I prepare the letter before, but this year I went a bit late. I hope it arrives on time!

I cannot tell what I asked for… if not maybe I won’t receive it… or is that only for wishes?

 Letter to Santa 2020 Letter to Santa 2020 Letter to Santa 2020 Letter to Santa 2020

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Dzień Pluszowego Misia

Happy Teddy Bear Day!! Polish: Dzień Pluszowego Misia.

Teddy Bears Day is celebrated on 9th September in most countries. But in some others, like Poland, it is celebrated on 25th November.

 Dzień Pluszowego Misia

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Takeaway kanapka

Yesterday we were traveling, so we prepared some take-away sandwiches for the road.

They had pork loin and cheese. They were ideal to reload energies.

 Takeaway kanapka Takeaway kanapka Takeaway kanapka Takeaway kanapka

#homemade #polish


Chicken curry

We prepared Chicken curry.

We immersed in the flavors of India. We had some coconut milk left from the other day so, we decided to try out this recipe. Mixing the rice with the sauce and the chicken, made a perfect symphony of flavors.

 Chicken curry Chicken curry Chicken curry Chicken curry

#homemade #international


Spicy Noodles with Lemongrass

We prepared Spicy Noodles with Lemongrass.

They are very tasty noodles with mushrooms and pepper stripes. They get a very tasty flavor from the combination of ingredients, with a special touch of ginger, soy sauce, chili and coconut milk.

 Spicy Noodles with Lemongrass Spicy Noodles with Lemongrass Spicy Noodles with Lemongrass Spicy Noodles with Lemongrass

#homemade #international


Choco skeletons

I was in my room when suddenly I was surrounded by skeletons. They were hidden since Halloween waiting for their moment.

They were too many to run and escape. I was attacked by all of them at once.

They made a huge mistake! I quickly recognized the smell of chocolate. They were made of chocolate... the tables had turned… the prey was now the predator.

Side note: With my ninja training I knew all along that they were made of chocolate! But I decided to give them an opportunity.

 Choco skeletons Choco skeletons Choco skeletons

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Sandwich mixto

We prepared sandwiches mixtos (ham and cheese sandwiches) for breakfast. They were super crunchy and the cheese was so finely melted….

They are very tasty and easy to prepare. Inside, you add the quantity of cheese and ham to your taste. Then, butter the outer sides of the bread and fry each side for some minutes in the pan.

They are very typical in Spain, normally for desayuno (breakfast) or merienda (afternoon snack). You can have it full or cut in halves like triangles. Did you know that because of the triangle shape in some regions of Spain they call it bikini?

 Sandwich mixto Sandwich mixto

#homemade #spanish


Empanada gallega

We had Spanish Empanada Gallega!! We found it in a store nearby and we could not resist the temptation.

It was an empanada with tuna, red pepper, tomato sauce and onion.

The Empanada Gallega is a variety of empanada typical from Galicia. It is a large rounded or squared pie consisting of pastry and filling. The pastry is a very specific type of bread, thin and mixed with red lard. There are 3 main types of empanada depending on the filing: fish, seafood and meat; but there are thousands of combinations of ingredients.

My favorites are with tuna, but I love many different varieties, with red pepper, onion, tomato sauce, egg, pickles… I could try every combination.

 Empanada gallega Empanada gallega Empanada gallega Empanada gallega Empanada gallega

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